Clean Stream Biological Services specializes in biological monitoring of aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity assessments and bioaccumulation studies. We also conduct focussed toxicity testing (as a biomonitoring tool) in conjunction with our sister company, Biotox Laboratory Services

Our main client base is the South African mining industry, various industries, municipalities, government, private developers and consultants that make use of our specialist expertise.

Various rapid assessment techniques involving bio-indicators are used by Clean Stream Biological Services to assess the condition or health of aquatic ecosystems, as well as the biological diversity.

These industry-accepted and scientifically credible biomonitoring technologies are applied in bioassessments, toxicity bioassays, behavioural bioassays, bioaccumulation studies, fish health studies and biodiversity assessments.


Biotox Laboratory Services is committed to compliance with BEEE standards. We have a Class 4 EME certified status.


Clean Stream Biological Services is home to a number of postgraduate scientists with an in-depth scientific understanding of each field of specialization. All employees share in the company's profit, resulting in a very low staff turnover.

The company currently employs scientists with a range of postgraduate qualifications that include a Ph.D. degree, six M.Sc. degrees, six B.Sc. Honours degrees, as well as a diploma in nature conservation and a B.Tech. degree. Field workers are DWS-certified SASS5 practitioners (Sasseta).

Our management team, with a combined experience of over 40 years in the field of environmental monitoring, has a hands-on approach and perform much of the field work themselves.